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Q. What is eResources Digital Learning?

A. The eResources Digital Learning Project provides students with online high school and middle school courses by utilizing the unique capabilities and qualities of the Web.

Q. What computer skills do students need?

A. A basic understanding of computers is helpful. Students should know how to use the keyboard, mouse, DVD/CD drive(s), how to point and click, and use pull-down menus. Experience with e-mail and Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).

Q. What computer system configurations must a student have?

A. Students will need the listed minimum configurations in order to take a course.

Q. Is the site secure?

A. Yes. Access to a username and password to a course are required. Students will receive a username and password via e-mail after their registration information is processed.

Q. Who can take the courses?

A. Any middle or high school student in Arkansas, whether enrolled in a traditional public school, public charter school, or home-schooled. See your school counselor for more information. Home-school students should contact us.

Q. What courses are currently available for enrollment?

A. Check out our online course catalog for a complete list of available courses.

Q. What type of student takes online courses?

A. Online courses have been found to be a particularly valuable option for the following: 1) college bound students in need of advanced or specialized coursework; 2) students wanting to improve their skills in specific subject areas; 3) gifted or advanced students in need of expanded educational offerings; 4) homebound or other reasonable need for credit recovery to complete the graduation requirements.

Q. What is included in the online courses?

A. Courses include video, audio, online quizzes and tests, and projects that students complete and submit to the teacher. In most cases, tests provide immediate feedback. Students will have an online notebook that serves as their personal note taking space as well as the tool for submitting assignments. Links, notes, pictures, and other information can be stored in the notebook. Students can use e-mail and course specific discussion boards to communicate with their teacher and other students taking the course. Links to the Web will provide additional information about a particular subject. Each course also includes a course guide which includes information such as overview of the course, objectives, and how the course will be graded. Courses also include informative sections such for New Students, Table of Contents, Glossary, and much more--all of which are designed to help the student move more easily through the course material.

Q. What kind of technical support is provided?

A. eResources Digital Learning will provide technical support to the facilitating teacher and students. eResources Digital Learning will also provide informational sessions to high school counselors and administrators.

Q. Who facilitates each course?

A. A course is facilitated by a mentor teacher or other professional such as a counselor, substitute teacher or any other certified staff member. A mentor teacher does not have to be an expert in the subject area of the student's course.

Q. Are students required to take exams/quizzes in a proctored environment?

A. Some providers require students to take exams in a proctored environment, and others simply recommend a proctored environment. See proctor details related to each provider.

Q. Who grants credit?

A. Local school districts grant the credit for each course as approved by their State Board of Education.

Q. How do students get a username and password for the courses?

A. Once enrollment for the course is received, the student will receive an email with their username and password so that they may begin the course.

Q. Can students try a course before enrolling?

A. Students can sample our courses by going to Course Demonstrations. Occasionally, principals, counselors, advisers, teachers, parents, and others are allowed temporary access to a course of particular interest for review.

Q. Are the State Assessments administered to students receiving online instruction?

A. Online courses provided through eResources Digital Learning are not intended to be an alternative to enrollment in a local high school or middle school. Classes taken through this program are expanding curriculum and learning for students enrolled in participating school districts; therefore, it is the responsibility of the host school district to administer appropriate state assessments.

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