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Aventa Learning

  • Proctor not required

Brigham Young University

  • BYU-certified proctor required for final exam
  • To apply for proctor certification, complete the Proctor Certification Form at
  • Eligibility for becoming a Proctor:
    o High school guidance counselor
    o Full-time high school teacher
    o High school superintendent, principal, assistant principal, or other administrator
    o Director, principal, or full-time faculty of an LDS seminary or institute of religion
    o Full-time high school or public librarian
    o Embassy education officer
    o Military base/station education officer
    o Local college testing center

Florida Virtual School

  • Proctor not required but recommended for midterm and final


  • Proctor not required

Lincoln Interactive

  • Proctor not required

Northwestern University

  • Proctor requirement determined by course instructor

University of Nebraska

  • All students are required to take proctored exams/quizzes. Please refer to the University of Nebraska's information on selecting a proctor.

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